Camps are usually viewed as a “Summer” event, maybe even at times as a “Special” event, but have you ever considered what the camps are doing for training?

If not, you may be missing out on one of the best opportunities to connect your clubbers to God and to deepen their walk with Him.

Camps provide opportunity to remove distractions from clubber’s lives, enable focus on a deeper relationship with Christ, and nurture that relationship into Christian leadership. Summit camps are an excellent discipleship tool available to young Christians involved in the AWANA programs. Campers will grow their faith walk in an atmosphere that is welcoming and accepting. Camp provides a testing ground for the next step in emotional and social maturity within the framework of Christian teaching. The camp community provides a supporting “cheering section” for children and youth while making choices and decisions to follow the Lord.

Sparks Camp-A-Rama

This is a great 1-day camp at which Sparks can have fun in a safe Christian environment while getting to know Sparks from other churches in Southwest California.


Sparks Camp-A-Rama is held at:

Victory Ranch
18080 Gilman Springs Road
Moreno Valley, CA. 92555

Camp runs from 9:15 AM - 4:00 PM

 Sparks Camp-A-Rama includes:

  • Nature hike
  • Picnic lunch
  • Games & more!



Please click the links below for information and forms

  • Flyer (to distribute to Sparks clubbers and parents)
  • Parent Information Letter
  • Summit Parent/Guardian Consent Form
  • Questions? Email us at

Cost for the day camp is $30 per Sparks clubber and $25 per leader. We must have 1 parent/leader for up to 5 clubbers. If you choose to send additional adults, each additional adult incurs a fee of $25. Parents are welcome at camp!!

QUALIFICATIONS TO ATTEND: Sparks must be in the first or second grade.


Summit Leadership Camp


To disciple children and youth through participation in Christian camps, identifying and developing leadership traits, so they might be better prepared to present the Gospel and live God-honoring lives.


The Summit Leadership Camp strives to increase Christian discipleship by providing Christian camp opportunities to children and youth. The camps are focused on participants in the AWANA program so that they may become better prepared to be Christian witnesses and valuable contributors to the completion of the Great Commission.


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