Camps are usually viewed as a “Summer” event, maybe even at times as a “Special” event, but have you ever considered what the camps are doing for training? If not, you may be missing out on one of the best opportunities to connect your clubbers to God and to deepen their walk with Him.

Camps are opportunity to remove so many of the worlds distractions from our lives to be able to focus on a deeper relationship with Christ and how that relationship could grow into christian leadership. For that reason, among others, camp is one of the best discipleship tools available to young Christians. It offers an opportunity for volunteer staff to live out their faith, it offers the opportunity for campers to see real faith in action in a myriad of situations, and it challenges both to rely upon God for the outcome. At camp, campers will begin to live out their faith and will see it work in an atmosphere that is welcoming and accepting. Why? Because, camp is often the testing ground for the next step in emotional and social maturity. Camp mimics common social situations and gives the students guidance on how to navigate them properly with a Christian worldview still intact. Think of it as having a cheering section for all of your choices and every time you choose to follow the Lord you are rewarded with acceptance, cheers and encouragement: and every time you don’t, you are encouraged back onto the straight and narrow with love.

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