National Volleyball

Guidelines and Organization
Each Co-ed volleyball team will consist of 6 players with up to two alternates. Each team must have a minimum of one guy with a maximum of three on the court at all times and a minimum of three girls with a maximum of five on the court at all times during the competition.

The volleyball competition will be at (TBD), and expect a great turnout of teams. Each team will play a minimum of three games of pool play with the top teams advancing into a double elimination bracket.


Team Shirts
•All team shirts/uniforms must be of the same color.
•Each team must acquire numbers for their players. These must be on the front and the back of the uniform shirt – written, ironed, screen-printed, or pinned. (If pinned, you must tape over the pins.) The number must be a clear contrasting color other than the color of the uniform so the referee can see the number from his/her referee stand. This will inform the referees if a player is out of serving rotation. A team out of serving rotation results in a penalty side-out – turnover of service and a point for the opposing team.

Please check back often as information may be added or updated.

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