AwanaGames™ features Awana clubs and youth programs from local churches in competition at the local, state, regional and national level. This exciting event is open to students in Sparks, T&T, Trek and Journey. More than 600 AwanaGames events typically take place in the U.S. each year, with numerous others held worldwide.

Jan, an AwanaGames rookie, said: “This was my first year to experience the Games. What a huge blessing to see so many churches come together for God’s glory. It was thrilling to see all those adults who give of themselves to touch the lives of kids for Christ!”

AwanaGames offers many benefits to churches, kids and families alike:

  • Builds a stronger identity and closer bonds among members of a church’s Awana ministry
  • Motivates kids to attend Awana and complete handbook sections – requirements to qualify for their team – so that they learn God’s Word in the process
  • Connects area churches and leaders with each other for ongoing support
  • Allows leaders to interact with clubbers’ parents in a fun atmosphere
  • Communicates the good news of Christ to non-churched spectators

Amidst all the energy and excitement of the team games, a break in the action always includes a presentation of the gospel message. Many family members and friends hear God’s plan of salvation, some for the first time.

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